Wine Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Wine Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Do you remember a time when the pleasure of sipping and savoring a fine wine didn't come bundled with a confusing package of dos and don'ts? The pressure of making a faux pas can take away from the beauty of the grape, can't it?

Wine etiquette, at its heart, is a simple guide to fully embracing the joy of wine. It doesn't matter if you're at a black-tie gala, a fancy restaurant, or a chill backyard barbecue, there's always a wine-friendly way to keep things breezy and enjoyable.

We're the friendly folks from Cork Fine Wines in Calgary, and we're all about popping the cork on wine snobbery. We're just as excited about wines as you are! So, we've uncorked a laid-back guide to wine etiquette that's as smooth as a velvety Cabernet Sauvignon.

Do - Grasp Your Wine Glass by the Stem

In most tastings, not just at our little wine oasis in Calgary, you'll find a suggestion to hold your wine glass by the stem rather than the bowl. It's not just about the aesthetics (though we love a pristine, smudge-free glass), it's about preserving that delightful temperature of the wine.

This is particularly crucial for your chilled whites and bubbling Champagnes, but hey, don't leave the reds out in the cold. Even though cradling a glass of cold red wine can feel cozy, it's always best to keep it at its ideal temperature right from the bottle.

Don’t - Drown Your Glass in Wine

An overfilled glass might scream "I love wine," but it can come across as possessive. More importantly, where's the room for those enchanting aromas to swirl and dance? And let's not even get started on the high-spill risk scenario when you attempt a fancy swirl.

The sweet spot? Fill your glass about a third to half full, just perfect for a sensory journey.

Do - Trust Your Senses

We're all for experts and their detailed tasting notes. Their seasoned palate and honed skills offer invaluable pointers to various wine characteristics. But remember, the beauty of wine lies in its subjectivity.

It's great to understand and appreciate quality, complexity, and balance in wine, but never forget - you are your own wine guru. Your personal preferences are the star of your wine tasting experience.

Don’t - Swirl Your Glass Vigorously

Resist the urge to give your wine glass a vigorous swirl like it's a cocktail shaker. It's about savouring the wine, not taking a chance with your dry cleaning bill!

A gentle swirl will do just fine, releasing the aromas to titillate your senses and enrich the overall wine tasting experience. You could opt for a slow dance at the bottom of the glass or a lazy roll of the contents to get the same intoxicating effect.

Relaxed Wine Lovers, Sans the Snootiness

In a nutshell, wine etiquette is all about making the wine experience enjoyable, not just for you, but for those around you too. With these tips, you'll be swirling, sipping, and savouring with casual confidence.

At our cozy Calgary wine store, we welcome seasoned wine aficionados on the hunt for rare finds and newcomers eager to discover the joy of wine, beer, and spirits. Our secret sauce? A strong bond with our customers built on trust and a shared love for beverages.

Explore our selection online or swing by our store in downtown Calgary for some friendly wine recommendations or more advice on wine etiquette. We also host tasting events – think Thirsty Thursdays & Fancy Fridays from 1:30 - 6:00 PM. Drop by, we promise you a good time!

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