Oktoberfest With a Canadian Twist

Oktoberfest With a Canadian Twist

As the autumn leaves turn golden and the air grows crisp, Calgary gears up for a celebration that blends traditional Bavarian customs with a dash of Canadian flair: Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a festival that originated in Munich, Germany, over two centuries ago, transcending borders and bringing communities together over beer, dance, and hearty laughter.

Here in Calgary, where this tradition is commonly celebrated at the end of September (Sept.24-25, 2023), the spirit of this German festivity is alive and well, and it might have a Canadian twist!

So we at Cork Fine Wines, a fine wine store in Calgary that also carries a great selection of beers in-store and online, are here to talk about celebrating Oktoberfest in Canada.

About Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest began in Munich, Germany, in 1810 to celebrate the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The festivities occurred in " Theresienwiese " fields (Therese's Meadow).

Originally marked by horse races, over the years, the focus shifted to the following:

  • Beer
  • Food
  • Music
  • Amusement rides.

Initially celebrated in October, the festival now starts in late September, concludes in early October, and is the world's largest folk festival, drawing millions to Munich annually.

Head Out in Bavarian Attire

Lederhosen and dirndls, traditional Bavarian attire, are expected at Oktoberfest. However, spotting a fusion of styles where the traditional meets the contemporary is common.

Picture a dirndl paired with cowboy boots or lederhosen worn with a Calgary Flames jersey! Or get creative and add your unique Canadian touch to the traditional attire. This melding of cultures adds a distinctly Canadian twist to the festivities.

Traditional Foods

Of course, Oktoberfest wouldn’t be complete without its traditional foods. Bratwurst, pretzels, and sauerkraut reign supreme. But in Calgary, you're just as likely to find poutine topped with sausage or maple-infused pastries that satisfy the sweet-toothed attendees. It’s a delightful blend of classic German fare with Canadian culinary favourites.

Local Brews and Bavarian Beers

While traditional German brews are a staple, Calgary’s Oktoberfest showcases a blend of international and local flavours. Craft breweries from across Alberta set up shop, providing attendees with a taste of Canadian craft beers infused with unique flavours that pay homage to both German and Canadian brewing traditions.

Oktoberfest in Calgary

On Sept. 24-25, the city full of beer connoisseurs will come alive to celebrate Oktoberfest in Calgary at the Ranch House!

You can expect to experience a weekend filled with Bavarian flags, banners, and local beer stores in Calgary coming together for Oktoberfest. Calgarians and visitors gather, steins in hand, ready to partake in the merrymaking. It's reminiscent of Munich's Theresienwiese but with a backdrop of Calgary's modern skyline.

Embracing Tradition and Innovation

What makes celebrating Oktoberfest in Calgary stand out is the dedication to honouring traditional Bavarian customs while also embracing local culture and innovations. It's a festival that understands the importance of roots and tradition and the value of the present and the local community.

Drop by our store at Cork Fine Wines in the heart of downtown Calgary and check out our selection of beers for this coming Oktoberfest weekend. Better yet, ask us for recommendations. We are spirit geeks with a love for good beers!

As steins clink and laughter fills the air, a sense of unity showcases the best of Bavarian and Canadian spirit. So, dust off that lederhosen, grab a stein and immerse yourself in the heart of Calgary's Oktoberfest celebrations. Prost!

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