2021 Grand Cru Chablis for $93! + more top-rated White Burgundy

2021 Grand Cru Chablis for $93! + more top-rated White Burgundy

Today we're going back to an old favourite - quality Chablis at phenomenal prices. Chablis is an interesting part of Burgundy, located in the northernmost part of the region. This area is celebrated for its distinctive whites, made exclusively from Chardonnay and arguably the reason unoaked Chard is so popular in the wine world!

These wines show a unique blend of citrus and white flower aromas. They are typically dry, lean, and medium bodied, with flavours that hint at citrus, pear, and a distinct minerality. Warmer vintages can lean towards tropical fruit flavours like pineapple, passionfruit, and green mango. They are also known for their salinity, a very desirable aspect to pair with food and to contrast fruit tones. Unlike many other wines, they rarely exhibit buttery flavours, a sign of malolactic fermentation and only some wines see oak-aging. Instead, they are known for their long, tingly finish, high acidity and a flint-like minerality that dances on the palate.

Chablis is divided into four appellations: Petit Chablis, Chablis, Premier Cru Chablis, and Grand Cru Chablis. Each appellation offers a different expression of Chardonnay, varying in complexity, concentration, and ageing potential. The Grand Cru and Premier Cru tiers represent the highest quality of wine produced in the region. Production in a given vintage consists of:

1% - Grand Cru
14% Premier Cru
65% Villages (typically labelled Chablis)
20% Petit Chablis

It should be obvious why Grand Cru is always in short supply - it's the best and there is never enough to go around!

A question we often get is "what's the difference between each vineyard?" Each producer makes wines with their own characteristics but generally:

The most westerly Grand Cru, Bougros is a steep, mostly south facing vineyard with richer soil, creating softer, plumper wines. Though it tends more towards fruit than minerality, Bougros wines are friendlier in youth than some of the more acid-driven Grand Crus.

Sometimes listed on wine labels as “Les Preuses,” Preuses can vary from upper slope vines to lower slope vines. Overall, these tend to be elegant, round wines with delicate aromatics.

Many consider Vaudésir to be one of Chablis’ finest Grand Cru Climats. To understand what sets it apart it helps to know that it is sometimes called the “Valley of Vaudésir” as the Grand Cru hill has been eroded here to make a small valley.

This history of erosion makes three big differences. First, the steeper sides give the vines extra sun for ripening. Second, it means that there are both south and southwest facing slopes, giving complexity.

Finally, the erosion means that parts of the vineyard have more clay in the soil than most of the Grand Crus. The result is a wine of incredible balance, with elegant minerality and delicious fruit concentration. Of course, depending on where a producer’s vines are, Vaudésir can take on different expressions.

The smallest of the Grand Crus, Grenouilles is located along the Serein riverbank; the name of the vineyard actually means “frogs.” Because the vines are south facing, they receive sun all day, creating a ripe, fruit-forward style of wine. If you want to drink a Grand Cru without cellaring it, Grenouilles is a good choice.

Sandwiched between Grenouilles and Les Clos, Valmur is considered to be a top Grand Cru vineyard. Like Vaudésir, it is a “mini-valley” carved by erosion, with a surprising amount of variety in its expositions, including some north-facing sites that bring incredible freshness. 

It often needs time to age, as these acid-driven wines are both powerful and austere in youth. Valmur’s higher sites have special topsoil that is also laden with oyster shell fossils, contributing to this exceptionally mineral-driven Grand Cru.

Les Clos
Of the Grand Crus, Les Clos is the largest, most well-known, and arguably the best. It has an open, southwest-facing slope, allowing the vineyard to have exposure to warm, plentiful afternoon sunshine. This is important for ripening in cool Chablis and gives Les Clos wines that intoxicating push-pull between opulence and fine acidity. If you’re looking for a Grand Cru wine that will definitely age for decades, Les Clos is a solid bet.

Furthest to the east of the Grand Crus, Blanchot wraps around the side of the hill to have a southeast aspect, unlike its neighbors. This makes Blanchot wines less fruity and powerful, but that actually can be a good thing. Lighter and more acid-driven, with tart citrus notes, these wines mature faster but can be charming in youth.

To sum up:

Chablis Grand Cru is made to be aged. But if you find yourself opening a bottle on the younger side – don’t sweat it.

It may not show the developed notes that come from aging, but it will be utterly delicious. If it is tight when you open it – less fruit or complexity – pour it into a decanter and give it 20-30 minutes to wake up - a fantastic way to see the difference decanting makes!

One last tip: don’t serve it too cold. Like all great white wines, it should be served with a light chill, otherwise you won’t be able to appreciate the subtleties. Leave a bottle from the fridge on the counter for 20 minutes and you should be ready to go!

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Chablis of note: These bottles are great values!

Brocard Chablis "Sainte Claire" 2022 - retail $48.99, your price $39.99 - in cases of 12, minimum 2 bottles
92 Decanter

"Density and concentration on the palate is supported by very precise acidity. You can feel the reductive style of winemaking here, but it is in balance and promises a bright future. Long and pure in flavour. A very exciting Chablis." DC

William Fèvre Chablis "Champs Royaux" 2021 - retail $57.99, your price $47.99 - in cases of 12 - minimum 2 bottles
90 Burghound
"Mid lemon yellow. A good depth of sunny fruit, 5% wood, more breadth across the palate than the Petit Chablis, with a saline touch. Can just see the wood at the finish. Impeccable balance, a sound and salivatory Chablis." Jasper Morris

Domaine Servin Chablis "Vaillons" 1er Cru 2022 - retail $61.99, your price $51.99 - in cases of 6 - 18 bottles available - minimum 2 bottles
93 Decanter
"A very crisp, clean and fresh example of Vaillons, with the sunny exposition bringing ripeness of pear and white peach fruit, together with attractive floral notes, all balanced by a fine line of acidity. Classy. The Servin family have been vignerons in the area since 1654."

Grand Cru:

Our picks for best values: Servin and Besson
Our picks for Chablis collectors: Droin & Laroche
A reliable bottle every vintage: Brocard

Domaine Servin Chablis 'Preuses' Grand Cru 2021 - retail $109.99, your price $92.99 - in cases of 6 - 18 bottles available - minimum 2 bottles
94 Tim Atkin

Planted in 1966, these old vines put out very small clusters today. The wine is floral on the nose with peach core, toasted wheat and pronounced minerality pulsing through the mid-palate. When I tasted this in July, François was thinking of putting it back into oak to "stretch out" a bit. Either way, this certainly needs some time before it starts to show its real depths” TA

Domaine Servin Chablis 'Bougros' Grand Cru 2021 - retail $109.99, your price $92.99 - in cases of 6 - 24 bottles available - minimum 2 bottles
93 Burghound

"Generous wood fights with the ripe aromas of green fruit, wet stone and discreet citrus confit nuances. The wood is also present on the palate of the big-bodied and even more concentrated flavors that exhibit excellent power and length. This is clearly a quality effort though the wood is a bit much for me. With that said, it appears up to the task of eventually integrating its oak." BH

Domaine Besson Chablis 'Les Clos' Grand Cru 2019 - retail $138.99, your price $115.99 - in cases of 6 - 18 bottles available - no minimums but this will go fast!
96 Wine Enthusiast

"While a bit closed and broad shouldered in youth, this wine offers a piercing core of yellow peach and pineapple flavors held back by a frame of stony, steely minerality. Statuesque and nervous with tension, it's a classic (while profoundly ripe) style of Les Clos that should reveal a more hedonistic side with time. Cellar till 2025 at least. The wine should improve through 2035 and hold further." WE

Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis 'Bougros' Grand Cru 2021 - retail $142.99, your price $119.99 - in cases of 6 - 12 bottles available - minimum 2 bottles
92 Vinous

The 2021 Chablis Bougros Grand Cru has an attractive bouquet with scents of honeysuckle, struck flint and light wild peach scents. I admire the purity here. The palate is well balanced with fine acidity, quite taut on the entry with modest depth. There is a sense of strictness on the finish in keeping with the style of the millesime, though there is fine length and a touch of residual spiciness that lingers on the aftertaste.” VM

Domaine Droin Chablis 'Valmur' Grand Cru 2022 - retail $159.99, your price $132.99 - in cases of 6 - 12 bottles available - minimum 2 bottles
95 Tim Atkin

Hints of fresh milk mix with dry seashells and yellow apple peels on the nose. Peach pit works into the palate, too. Very finely tuned, the acidity is chiseled and the fruit purity is scintillating. The finish is exuberant, long and structurally harmonious. Everything is already very well blended together, but the concentration begs for time in bottle for an eventual, bigger reveal.” TA

Domaine Laroche Chablis 'Les Blanchots' Grand Cru 2021 - retail $159.99, your price $132.99 - 12 bottles available - minimum 2 bottles - very rare!
94 Vinous, 93 Tim Atkin
"A more open perfume with lots of supporting density. A generous wine but still never a heavy wine – growing in small energetic
complexities. The finish with a little extra sweetness a wine that fades in the memory only very slowly – another superb wine.
" BN


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