How to Choose the Perfect Wine


A certified wine specialist at a restaurant or any wine tasting in Calgary can give you the best recommendations when selecting the perfect wine. When you mention your taste preferences, they can recommend the wine that pairs well with your meal while acknowledging your likes and dislikes.

But what happens when you are at a wine store browsing the shelves while not knowing about wine yourself? There are so many different options that it can be overwhelming!

In this article, we’ll give you some basic information to help you learn about your taste preference when it comes to wine tasting in Calgary.

Follow Your Senses

Regarding wine tasting in Calgary, getting to know both white and red wine well and knowing which you prefer can make your wine search easier.

As your wine preferences evolve, you’ll be able to fall in love with wines with more distinctive flavours. But dry white or rose are typically the types of wine most people enjoy who are getting their introduction to wine.

The Flavours You Love

Another factor you can always rely on when it comes to wine tasting in Calgary and choosing the right kind for yourself is to reflect on the flavours you enjoy.

The flavours you enjoy in other food and drinks can influence what you’ll consider in a perfect wine. Those with a sweet tooth will likely want a sweeter wine, while those who prefer the sharpness of black coffee may enjoy a more acidic wine instead. Here are a couple of things to consider to help get you started:

  1. Apple juice or grapefruit? - Sweet white wines are recommended for those who like the taste of apple juice. Meanwhile, grapefruit lovers will likely go for more of a dry white.

  2. Latte or dark coffee? - Dark/black coffee lovers will likely go for Old World wine, which comes from places where traditional winemaking originated, such as Italy, Spain or France. Latte fanatics should try New World wine, which are bottles that originated from the USA, South Africa or Australia.

The Occasion

Different wine tastings in Calgary will consider and cater to the type of occasion. Regarding a celebration or special event, we recommend an excellent classic bottle of white or red wine, depending on the food served.

For a wine to be enjoyed without any specific food to combine with, we recommend choosing a bottle of our:

Have Fun Tasting!

We hope this helped you choose the perfect time for your dinner or occasion.

Cork Fine Wines carry an array of delicious selections. Since you are new to wine tasting in Calgary, you can experiment with our Top 25 under $30 list to broaden your palette within a reasonable price range.

Our in-store wine enthusiasts can also help you choose a good wine, or give us a call for our recommendation at 403-294-1310.

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