Best US Wines To Celebrate American Thanksgiving Dinner in Canada

Best US Wines To Celebrate American Thanksgiving Dinner in Canada

As American Thanksgiving approaches, many in Canada look to celebrate this festive occasion with traditional dishes accompanied by the perfect wines. The United States, renowned for its diverse and high-quality vineyards, offers a wide variety of options that can elevate any Thanksgiving dinner.

In today’s article, Cork Fine Wines, a renowned wine store in the heart of downtown Calgary, explores some of the best U.S. wines available, perfect for complementing your Thanksgiving feast!

Chardonnay: A Classic Choice for Turkey

When it comes to pairing wine with the centrepiece of Thanksgiving – the turkey – Chardonnay stands out as a classic choice. Particularly those from California, these Chardonnays are celebrated for their rich, buttery profiles that beautifully complement turkey's tender, savoury flavours. In Calgary, wine enthusiasts can explore a bottle of Raymond Chardonnay Classic that promises to add elegance to your Thanksgiving table.

Pinot Noir: For a Lighter Touch

For those seeking a lighter yet equally sophisticated option, Pinot Noir is an excellent choice. The subtle earthy and fruity notes of Pinot Noir, especially from Oregon's esteemed Willamette Valley, harmonize wonderfully with the turkey and cranberry sauce's tanginess. Calgary wine stores should offer a range of Pinot Noirs that bring a delicate and refined balance to the Thanksgiving feast.

For our recommendation, try a bottle of Illahe Pinot Noir.

Riesling: A Sweet Contrast

Those with a penchant for a sweeter contrast will find delight in a Riesling, particularly from Washington State. This wine, with its sweet and aromatic qualities, offers a delightful counterpoint to the savoury elements of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

The Elk Cove Riesling is a great option that provides a unique and refreshing twist to the Thanksgiving celebrations!

Zinfandel: A Bold Flavor for the Feast

For a bolder flavour profile that can stand up to the rich and diverse flavours of a Thanksgiving meal, Zinfandel is an ideal choice. Known for its robust character, with spicy and fruity undertones, California Zinfandels are particularly renowned.

Bottles like the St.Francis Zinfandel promise to add a lively and dynamic dimension to your Thanksgiving dinner.

American Thanksgiving in Calgary!

To truly immerse oneself in the world of American wines, attending a wine-tasting event in Calgary can be an enriching experience. Many events in the city take place, offering an excellent opportunity to taste a variety of wines, learn about their characteristics, and make informed selections for your celebration.

If you’re new to American wine or want to try something new, Cork Fine Wines also hosts wine-tasting events; Thirsty Thursdays & Fancy Fridays, from 1:30 - 6:00PM, providing a platform for both connoisseurs and novices to explore the diversity of American wines!

In Calgary, celebrating American Thanksgiving with a carefully selected array of U.S. wines is not just a nod to tradition but a testament to the rich wine culture that bridges these two countries.

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