Local Charity Event: Cork Cares "Sips for Support"

Local Charity Event: Cork Cares "Sips for Support"

In the spirit of community and compassion in Calgary, Cork Fine Wine, Liquor & Ale is thrilled to announce its upcoming event on Nov.30th, "Cork Cares: Sips for Support."

This unique initiative is about enjoying exquisite wines and spirits and significantly impacting local families in need through Closer to Home Calgary's Adopt-a-Family program. We’ll take a five at this event and cause on this article. 

About Closer to Home

Founded in the 1990s, Closer to Home Community Services (CTH) has supported children, youth, and families facing challenges in the Calgary community. Offering a range of programs, including family support, crisis intervention, educational programs, and foster care services, CTH addresses critical issues such as family breakdown, mental health challenges, and the struggles of new immigrants and low-income families.

Closer to Home's multifaceted approach has a profound impact on the Calgary community, addressing critical issues such as:

  • Family breakdown
  • Mental health challenges
  • Complexities faced by new immigrants
  • Support for low-income families

In providing essential support services, Closer to Home contributes to the well-being of families and individuals facing various challenges in the community.

Adopt-a-Family Program

As the holiday season approaches, CTH’s Adopt-a-Family program takes center stage. This seasonal initiative alleviates financial and emotional stress for needy families. The process involves identifying families through community services, allowing individuals, businesses, or groups to sponsor a family, and providing discreet support through gift cards or financial donations.

How it works

CTH identifies families in need through its community services, facilitating a sponsorship program where individuals, businesses, or groups receive wish lists detailing the family's needs and preferences.

Sponsors contribute through gift cards or financial donations, empowering families to procure essential items like food, clothing, or gifts during the holiday season. The process prioritizes discretion and respect, safeguarding the dignity and privacy of the families involved, often maintaining anonymity between sponsors and recipients.

Join Us for Cork Cares: Sips for Support

Join us for "Cork Cares: Sips for Support," a special event hosted by Cork Fine Wine, Liquor and Ale dedicated to supporting Closer to Home Calgary's Adopt-a-Family program. On Nov.30th, enjoy discounts and sales at our store, which directly contributes to sponsoring a family of four in our community. This unique opportunity allows you to indulge in your love for fine wines and spirits while making a meaningful impact!

The event raises funds and spreads awareness about the Adopt-a-Family program and Closer to Home's vital work.

  • 10% Off In-Store - Special discount for customers, encouraging increased foot traffic and participation.
  • 10% of Sales Donated - A portion of sales directly supports sponsoring a local family, ensuring every purchase contributes to a noble cause.
  • Community Engagement - Beyond fundraising, the event aims to raise awareness about the Adopt-a-Family program and the impactful work of Closer to Home in the community.

We also offer free wine tasting in downtown Calgary - Join us for Thirsty Thursdays & Fancy Fridays from 1:30 - 6:00 PM!

So mark your calendars for Nov.30th and join us at Cork Cares: Sip for Support. It will be an evening of fine wines, spirits, and the spirit of giving. Together, let's raise a glass to a community that cares!

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